Coffee Architects // Leamington Spa

Trip advisor’s number one hang out spot in Royal Leamington Spa had caught my attention some time ago. The beautiful interior and reputation was one thing, but the constant que’s outside in the street had me convinced I HAD to check this place out. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular…


I recently got lucky and bagged myself (and my friend) a table – without queuing!


I quickly ordered an English Breakfast tea, my friend ordered herself a Soya Flat white, and we got cosy in a cute window bench area, complete with boho cushions. The only problem was the heat, even though it was so cold outside, the window was creating some kind of green house effect that left us sweating. Nothing a cup of tea can’t fix though, right?!


The selection of cake’s had me pondering for some time (sorry staff!) but I settled on something a little different for me, someone who normally goes straight for whatever has the most chocolate in it, and ordered a beautiful looking Rose, Raspberry and Pistachio slice, with two forks.


The cake was delightful – the real highlight of the visit, along with the stunning interior and friendly staff. The cafe may be called Coffee Architects, (and there coffee/tea wasn’t bad…) but the real star of the show was clearly their pastries and cakes! Delicate and light, I was so pleased the cake wasn’t overly ‘Rose-y’ as I hate it when this flavour is too strong.


After our cake and tea, we were pretty keen to leave – which is a real shame because there is nothing more that I love than to sit back, relax and top up my tea whilst catching up with a friend, but we were absolutely baking in the window, and as the cafe is so small, we felt like we had to leave asap (although the staff were never pressurizing in any way!).


Overall, Coffee Architects really impressed me with their freshly made cakes and wide selection along with the buzz and beauty of the cafe itself, however the heat and tightness of the place had us out the door fairly quickly!

I give Coffee Architects 3/5 Crumbs!


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